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Unit Trusts Fees

Annual Management Fees

Published at 2017-11-28

Fund Fee
Corporate Fund 0.60%
Money Market Fund 0.60%
Income Fund 0.75%
Inflation Linked Fund 1.20%
Balanced Fund 1.25%
Equity Fund 1.00%

Initial Fees

Published at 2017-11-28

Fund Fee
Corporate Fund 0.00%
Money Market Fund 0.00%
Income Fund 0.75%
Inflation Linked Fund 0.75%
Balanced Fund 1.00%
Equity Fund 5.00%

Unit Trusts

Take the complexity out of investing

Unit Trusts are professionally managed funds that allow you to invest in financial markets, together with other investors, through a management company. Minimum opening balance of N$500.

How to fund

Manage your funds professionally

Greater Buying Power

Funds are pooled together, giving you and other investor's greater buying power.

Scheduled monthly payments

Minimum scheduled payment N$500 per month or N$10,000 lump sum.

Make ad hoc payments

The option to make ad hoc payments electronically into the unit trust account.

Use existing account

You only need to have a FNB transactional account for the monthly schedule payments investment.

What's hot

Affordable + flexible investments


Diversify your portfolio

A good way to diversify your investment portfolio.

Build your wealth

Your funds will be invested in a combination of securities, stocks and liquid assets.


Monthly feedback archives

Everything you need to know about FNB Namibia Unit Trusts' past performance

View our collection of monthly feedback records to track our performance and better understand FNB Namibia Unit Trusts.

Getting it made easy

Unit Trusts

Qualifying criteria

A minimum of N$500 is required to open this account.

How to get it

Start Application Now

Other ways to apply

Find a branch

Documents needed

Proof of identity

  • A Namibian ID or passport. Note: If you are a Foreign National, a valid Passport or a copy of the relevant permit is required.

Proof of physical address

  • Provide a recent (less than 3 months old) utility account, e.g. rates, taxes, water, electricity or telephone account, or retailer accounts, e.g. clothing, pharmacy, veterinary or doctor's account, etc.

Income tax number(s)

  • If issued