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  • Once you have logged onto Online Banking, select Email Statements from the Accounts Tab.
  • Select the appropriate account/s of which you require the statements to be delivered to you via email.
  • Enter the primary eMail address to which you'd like the statements to be sent to, as well as two additional eMail addresses, should you so choose.
  • Select the formats you would prefer to receive your statements in - plain text (CSV), PDF or both (account dependent).
  • You will start receiving your statements via eMail as of the next statement cycle.
  • If you have been receiving your statements by post in the past, this service will now be cancelled automatically and you will only receive your statements via email.

Email Statements

Free, prompt + secure

With statement delivery via email you can make a small difference with massive implications. Going green has never been simpler.


What this is

No more delays

Online Banking now offers you the ability to have your statements emailed directly to you. Just think of the convenience! What's more, your decision to cut down on the use of paper helps us all to work towards a greener and cleaner environment. No need to go into a branch to have pages of statement information printed out and no need to open an envelope to pull out an already out-dated statement received in the post.

What's hot

Free of charge

You save money - statement delivery by eMail is free of charge.

No delays

No delays in the post - your eMail delivery is punctual and reliable.

Multiple delivery

You can have your statements delivered to a primary eMail address, plus two additional eMail addresses of your choice.


You can specify in which format you'd prefer your statements delivered - in plain text (CSV), as a PDF document

Doing it made easy

Email statements

Qualifying criteria

  1. Have an active Personal, Business or Smart Account with FNB
  2. You need to be registered for Online Banking to use this service

How to get it

Do it now!

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