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Go cashless

Using a Future Account Visa Debit Card and PIN number is a safer method of payment as young clients do not have to carry around large amounts of money in their wallets.

Subscribe for FREE

  • Free monthly subscription to inContact. By subscribing to inContact, FNB's free messaging service; clients will receive real time notification of deposits, transfers, withdrawals and purchases on their Future Account via SMS.
  • Free subscription to Cellphone Banking,, Online Banking & FNB App

Future Account

Designed for the youth market

The Future account is the ideal way for young persons to save and transact from a young age.

How it works

Transact safely and easily

  • Parents can deposit pocket money directly into the Future Account via stop order or scheduled payments or electronic transfers
  • Clients can transact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our wide network of ATM's, FNB Branches, shops with Point of Sale facilities, Cellphone Banking, Online Banking, & FNB App.
  • Future Account holders can buy prepaid airtime for themselves or someone else with FNB's Cellphone Banking, Online Banking or FNB App
  • Clients paying for purchases at point of sale terminals (POS) cannot spend money they don't have when using their Future Account Visa Debit Card as all transactions can only be authorised against the available balance on the account.

What's hot

Enjoy a host of benefits with Future Account

Transact securely

Use the FNB Future Account to transact safely and easily at merchants using a PIN-based Visa debit card

FREE balance enquiries

Free ATM balance enquiries to assist clients in keeping an eye on their finances

Enjoy competitive rates

The Future Account is ideal for encouraging young clients to save as it offers competitive interest rates with free cash.

Go cashless

Using a Visa Debit Card and PIN number is a safer method of payment

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Get FREE transactions

Clients will be allowed two free debit transactions per month ATM (cash withdrawal or point of sale (POS)

Be in the know 24/7

Enjoy FREE subscription to inContact and all FNB Digital Banking channels.

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Getting it made easy

Future Account

Qualifying criteria

  1. Customers up to the age of 18 qualify.
  2. Earn up to N$2 000 per month.

How to get it

Start Application Now

Other ways to apply

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Documents needed

  • For kids under 16, parents/guardian must show their original child's full birth certificate.
  • Kids over 16 can open the account with their original Namibian passport.