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Dial *140*321# from your cellphone:

  1. Enter you Cellphone Banking PIN
  2. Select 'Banking'
  3. Select 'Withdraw Cash'
  4. Select Account from which you wish to withdraw money
  5. Confirm your transaction
  6. An OTP (One Time Pin) and ATM instructions will be sent to your cellphone
  7. Then go to nearest ATM, select 'Cardless Services', 'Withdraw From FNB Account' and follow the prompts

Cardless Cash Withdrawals

Withdraw cash without using your card

Cardless Cash Withdrawals from Cellphone Banking allows you to withdraw cash directly from your FNB accounts, including FNB Credit Cards, by using your cellphone at FNB ATMs rather than using a card.

What you can do

No need to walk around with a wallet full of cards

There's is no need for you to walk around with a wallet full of cards. Your cellphone can give you instant access to the bank, offering you the convenience of banking anywhere, anytime, even without your debit or credit card!

The OTP that will be sent to your cellphone expires in 30 minutes, regardless of whether it is used or not. If your OTP does expire, you will have to start the process again

An inContact SMS will be sent to you to notify you of all transactions from N$100.01 as normal You can withdraw a minimum of N$20 from your account and a maximum of N$2 000 per day Just dial *140*321# from your cellphone


Doing it made easy

Cardless Cash Withdrawals

Qualifying criteria

Have an active FNB transactional account or FNB Debit or Credit Card

How to get it

Do it now!

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