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LifeStart Student Loan

You study, we support

This loan serves to finance the cost of your studies at a recognised tertiary institution.

Why you need this

Providing finance to cover the costs

The LifeStart Student Loan helps you to complete your studies by providing finance to cover the costs. During the course of your studies, you only pay interest if the main account holder banks with FNB Namibia. After you have graduated, capital is repaid over the same period of time as the studies for which the loan was granted.


What you need

Getting it together

All registered students, studying towards internationally recognised degrees or diplomas of at least three years duration, or post-graduate degrees or diplomas, may apply for the LifeStart Student Loan. There is no age restriction for student loans and both full-time and part-time students can apply.

To apply make sure that you have the following

  • Parents/legal guardian/sponsor need(s) to sign surety for all loans (an adult who undertakes to repay the debt if you fail to do so)
  • If you are a minor or unemployed, your loan application will require an acceptable surety or guarantor
  • You must be in possession of Grade 12 results (at least a C symbol)
  • You need to take out mortality risk cover

Borrowing amounts

Know what amounts you qualify for

Year Amount Interest rate
1 N$25 000 Prime
2 N$26 000 Prime less 1%
3 N$27 000 Prime less 2%
4 N$28 000 Prime less 3%
5 N$28 000 Prime less 4%
6 N$28 000 Prime less 4%

Please note: To qualify for the reduced rate above, the student needs to have an account with FNB, such as the LifeStart Account. If the student doesn't open an account with FNB, the loan will be re-payable at prime plus 4%.

Getting it made easy

LifeStart Student Loan

Qualifying criteria

Full time and part time students registered at recognised institutions of higher learning, studying for at least three years

How to get it

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Other ways to apply

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