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  • Dial *140*321# from your cellphone if you are registered for Cellphone Banking
  • Or register for FNB Cellphone Banking at any FNB ATM nationwide for free. Dial *140*321# to get started


From your account to a cellphone number

Pay2Cell from FNB Cellphone Banking allows you to pay someone directly into their FNB bank account by just knowing their cellphone number.


What this is

Convenient, fast and safe

You no longer have to memorise bank account numbers and branch codes. All you need to know is the recipient's cellphone number. The payment is received instantly! This makes payments from FNB to FNB accounts very convenient, fast and safe.

This service is charged at N$1.10 per transactions and makes it one of the cheapest, most convenient and safest ways to make payments from two FNB bank accounts.

On Pay2Cell there is a daily limit of N$5 000 that can be sent from Cellphone Banking and the monthly limit is N$20 000 for an individual.

How to do it

Simple + fast

dial *140*321# from your cellphone:

  1. Enter you Cellphone Banking PIN
  2. Select 'Banking'
  3. Select 'Payments'
  4. Select 'Pay2Cell'
  5. Enter Cellphone number of the person you want to pay
  6. Enter the amount to wish to pay the person
  7. Enter the amount to wish to pay the person
  8. Confirm your transaction
  9. You will then get a confirmation screen and an inContact notification if the amount is N$100.01 or more

Please note: The payer must be a registered Cellphone Banking customer with an active transactional account. The beneficiary must be a registered Cellphone Banking or inContact customer.


Doing it made easy


Qualifying criteria

Have an active FNB transactional account or FNB Debit or Credit Card

How to get it

Do it now!

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