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CardWise Account is a card-based transmission account designed for anyone over 18 years who could never afford a bank account in the past.

What you get

Enjoy great benefits

  • You can transact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Make withdrawals and deposits at any FNB branch and FNB ATM machine
  • Free prepaid airtime and Prepaid Electricity purchases via cellphone banking
  • Free ATM and cellphone balance enquiries
  • Only you (the account holder) or your authorised user has access to the account

What's hot

Deposit money for FREE

Free Cash deposits up to N$2 000 per month

Bank digitally

Free Electronic payments into the account

Take the hassle out of monthly payments

Low Debit Order and Schedule Payment Fee

Fees structured to suit you

Special ATM withdrawal fee. The minimum monthly balance is of N$20

Getting it made easy


Qualifying criteria

Earn up to N$2 000 per month.

How to get it

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