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WesBank Motor Dealers

Windhoek Motor Dealers

Auas Delta

Cnr Hochland and Voigts roads

Tel: + 264 61 233 090

Audi Centre Windhoek

69 Lazarette Street

Tel: + 264 61 277 700

Auto Engling

57 John Meinert Street

Tel: + 264 61 226 922

Auto Moss

Nelson Mandela Avenue

Tel: + 264 61 275 616

Auto Pedigree

450 Independence Avenue

Tel: + 264 61 227 746

Auto Swiegers

Independence Avenue

Tel: +264 61 227 746

Autohaus Windhoek

17 - 19 Garden Street

Tel: + 264 61 277 765

Car Bar

241 John Meinert Street

Tel: + 264 61 225 511

Club Motors

Cnr Mandume Ndemufayo and John Meinert streets

Tel: + 264 61 280 4680

Dairenkia Motors

5 Parson Road

Tel: + 264 61 277 700

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Vehicle finance

WesBank will help you choose

Whether you are self-employed or a salaried individual (with or without a car allowance), WesBank will help you choose the perfect finance solution for your requirements.

Get the right finance


Why WesBank

WesBank is the largest provider of finance for the purchase of vehicles in Namibia

Available at any branch

Vehicle finance can be arranged through any FNB branch

Ways to pay

Choose from four basic methods

You can choose from four basic methods of finance.

Instalment sale

You repay the goods over a period of time, and the seller charges you interest on the amount still to be paid.

Suspensive sale

Similar to an instalment sale, but ownership of the goods will only pass to you once the 'suspensive condition' of full repayment has been made. A business entering into a suspensive sale agreement may claim the interest paid as a business expense.

Lease agreement

You pay the seller a series of rental amounts over a predetermined period, with the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the term.

Rental agreement

Similar to a lease agreement except that you do not normally have the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the term. In addition, VAT is not added to the purchase price but is charged on each rental payment.


Available insurance

Additional cover for peace of mind

Motor Insurance

This procduct comprehensively insures your vehicle for the duration of the finance

Credit Life Insurance

Ensures that the full outstanding amount owed is settled in the event of death


You are covered against any shortfall to the bank in the event of loss of vehicle

Motorite + Motorsure

Covers mechanical failure of the major components of the vehicle

Value-added services

Link a service to your finance option

Financial Shock Absorber

This provides tax-oriented customers with the best of both worlds in that they enjoy the unique combination of a linked rate with the security and peace of mind of fixed or capped monthly repayments.

Take-a-Break Payment

This enables customers to 'Take-a-Break' from their loan repayment obligations for any one month of their choice during their annual repayment cycle.

What it costs

Interest rates are negotiable and can be either fixed for the full period of the agreement or variable.


Getting it made easy

Vehicle finance

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