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* Blackberry v10+ for smartphones only.

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eWallet functionality

Full eWallet functionality on a cool new interface that is easy and convenient to use. Now even non-FNB customers can transact on the FNB Banking App for Smartphones. Geo Payments is a location based person to person payments functionality where you can Find & Pay other App users, without giving to enter their banking details. It automatically detects the set default account of the App user.

Connect Talk rates

Connect Talk rates
International Calls from R0.25
Local Calls from R0.33
Cellphone Calls from R0.79
FNB App to FNB App Calls FREE

App for smartphones

No data? No problem. Welcome to Data Free banking with FNB Banking App on the MTC network.

There will be no data costs charged for using the FNB Banking App.

Look out for the WiFi boards in FNB branches and download the FNB Banking App today.

What you can do

Do all this and more

  • Make Geo Payments
  • Make use of eWallet functionality*
  • Make Payments (including once off payments)
  • Transfer funds
  • View detailed balances and transaction histories
  • Add, edit, or delete recipients
  • Send Money to any Namibian cellphone number
  • Make calls and send messages to other App Smartphones
  • Locate FNB ATMs and branches
  • Access an FNB Call Centre Directory
  • Buy Prepaid Electricity and Airtime
  • Receive inContact messages

eWallet functionality


Get more

Simple + convenient

Connect Talk

With Connect Talk you can call and message other FNB Banking App users and listed FNB Call Centers.

  • FREE Calls from FNB app to FNB app
  • You can also make cheap calls to users who do not have the FNB Banking App at some of the lowest rates.

Connect Talk rates


Get more with messaging

  • From FNB app to FNB app
  • Send airtime and Money while chatting
  • Use eWallet to fund calls and messages to anyone who doesn't have the App. Get the FNB Banking App now (FNB or non FNB Customers)

Getting it made easy

App for smartphones

Qualifying criteria

  1. You need to have an FNB Account
  2. Have one of the following devices: Android™, Apple™ or BlackBerry™

*Android devices include popular makes like HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Huawei to name a few.

How to get it

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