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Register for Cellphone Banking

All you have to do is visit your nearest FNB Branch.
Or Visit any FNB ATM to register. Follow these easy steps:

  • Just insert your card
  • Enter your PIN as normal
  • Select 'more options'
  • Then 'register for cellphone banking'
  • Then just follow the prompts

You'll be banking on your phone in no time!

Cellphone Banking

Fast, safe + secure banking

This service is for anyone, with any Cellphone and is FREE, whenever, wherever. All you need is a cellphone and a qualifying FNB transactional account. Have the freedom to live your life while saving time on banking. There really isn't a quicker and easier way to manage your money.

What you can do

Safe + secure

  • Buy prepaid airtime for yourself or someone else
  • View a list of your most recent prepaid cellphone airtime purchases
  • Check balances on one or all of your accounts
  • Get a mini statement (reflects last 5 transactions)
  • Transfer money between your own FNB accounts
  • Make third party payments
  • Receive real time confirmation of financial transactions (inContact)
  • Maintain your Cellphone Banking details
  • Make once-off payments - to an individual and to a Bill Account (see Cellphone Banking guide above for more instructions)
  • Send money to any Namibian Cellphone Number via FNB eWallet, even if they do not have a bank account

Hassle free

Simplified solutions

  • The ability to bank wherever you are, whenever you want
  • It's quick, it's convenient and all you need is a cellphone and a qualifying FNB transactional account. That's right! Manage your money from your cellphone.
  • No complicated downloads or special SIM requirements
  • FREE registration

Registration made easy

Cellphone Banking

Qualifying criteria

A valid cellphone number and a qualifying FNB transactional account

How to get it

Register now!

Other ways to apply

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