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Smart inContact - intelligent, secure messaging

Use the app when banking online to approve transactions

Smart inContact allows you to safely approve Online Banking transactions on the Banking App, verify devices that login to your profile and immediately identify any fraudulent transactions 24/7.

What is it?

Stay secure and in control


Smart inContact uses secure messaging on the Banking App, for you to manage and approve certain transactions when banking online.

For any unknown or suspicious transactions visit your nearest FNB branch to report the fraud immediately.


When an attempt is made to login to your Online Banking profile from a PC or mobile device that has not been verified, you will receive a Smart inContact notification on the app requesting you to approve/verify the device.

If you suspect any unauthorised activity on your account visit your nearest FNB branch to report the fraud immediately.

Secure messaging

Smart inContact on the Banking App can be set from N$0.01, giving you full control of money going in and out of your account.

Report fraud for any suspicious swipes, withdrawals, payments, transfers and more at your nearest FNB branch.

Approve online transactions

Approve + interact

We have changed the way you approve transactions that require authorisation while banking online.

Instead of receiving your OTP via SMS, Smart inContact uses interactive messaging on the Banking App, so that you can approve these transactions securely.

This means that you are not vulnerable against fraudsters attempting to perform a SIM swap on your number.


Secure messaging

Secure, intelligent + interactive

You will be notified on the app of all account activity such as payments, deposits and swipes. If these were not authorised by you, please visit your nearest FNB branch to report the fraud.

Have more control of money going in and out of your account by personalising your Smart inContact settings

Your Smart inContact alert amount can be set from N$0.01 (this is the minimum amount that will trigger a Smart inContact message on your app when a transaction is performed on your account).

This is just another safety measure to ensure your online banking stays secure.


Getting it made easy

Smart inContact

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