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Windhoek Branch
Reception: Tel 061 299 8233
Quotations: Personal Lines / Consumer
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Walvis Bay Branch
Reception: Tel 064 213 800
Quotations: Personal Lines / Consumer
Queries: Personal Lines / Consumer
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Oshakati Branch
Reception: Tel 067 304 434
Quotations: Personal Lines / Consumer
Queries: Personal Lines / Consumer
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FNB Banking APP

With the FNB Banking App, you can do all this and more:

  • Make GEO payments
  • Make use of eWallet functionality
  • Make payments (including once-off payments)
  • Transfer funds
  • View detailed balances and transaction history
  • Add, edit, or delete recipients
  • Send Money to any Namibian cellphone number
  • Make calls and send messages to other app smartphones
  • Access an FNB Call Centre Directory
  • Buy prepaid electricity and airtime
  • Receive inContact messages

Online Banking

Online Banking offers the following banking services:

  • Make real-time transfers between your FNB accounts
  • Make real-time payments to FNB account holders
  • Payments made during business hours to recipients holding accounts at other banks reflect in the account the next day
  • Create recurring payments to automatically pay your recipients
  • Make cross-border payments
  • Future date payments to up to one year in advance
  • Submit requests to stop cheques
  • Set up and maintain your recipients
  • Send a payment advice to any email address
  • Reference validation
  • View the real-time balances of all your FNB accounts
  • View up to 65 days of transaction history on certain accounts
  • View any uncleared funds and interest earned on certain accounts
  • Manage your investment accounts
  • Set up statements delivery online
  • You can view and download transaction history in real time

Cellphone Banking

Cellphone Banking enables you to conveniently perform a number of banking transactions using your cellphone. Your
cellphone is more than just a phone - its a device to do safe, easy and convenient mobile banking.

  • It's as simple as dialling *140*321#
  • Make use of eWallet functionality
  • No special SIM card requirements
  • No complicated downloads
  • No changes to your cellphone settings
  • 24-hour banking convenience - you can bank wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Transactions occur in real time
  • Registration is quick and free
  • Zero subscription fees

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It's easy to get rewards

Once you've qualifed and your reward level has been determined, you'll be ready to start earning and saving on a monthly basis. Each time you move up a reward level, you'll receive more money in your Linked Savings Pocket.

Visit FNB Rewards and see how easy it is to get rewarded.


Only pay when you use it! An overdraft is a convenient credit facility linked to your account that gives you the
confidence to manage your personal finances.

  • Easy access to a credit facility so that you can handle unexpected events.
  • No fees unless you use more than N$200 of your limit. If you don't use it, you won't pay a monthly overdraft fee.
  • Flexibility as payments made into your facility make the funds available for use once more.
  • A credit limit and interest rate that is dependent on your credit profile.
  • Optional Debt Protection available in case of your death, permanent disability, retrenchment or temporary disability.

Slow Lounge

SLOW Lounge boasts many features and services, such as freshly brewed coffee, tasty snacks and an abundance of
power sockets, high speed WiFi, private studies, spa treatments, and a selection of books and newspapers to enjoy
while you wait for your flight or train.

SLOW Lounges are located at the domestic terminals of the O.R. Tambo, Cape Town and King Shaka International
Airports as well as at the international terminal of the O.R. Tambo International Airport.

Get in touch

For more information contact us on 061 299 2525

Private Banking advice

Dedicated private banking and advice-led wealth management

Private Wealth offers relevant, expert advice, wherever you are in your life cycle.
We provide specialised wealth management through our Pointbreak Wealth Team to you and your business. With a
focus on wealth and legacy management, and based on an in-depth understanding of your needs and aspirations,
Private Wealth will create a solid financial plan to help you manage, grow, protect and enjoy your wealth for now and future generations.

Private Banker

A long-term partner who prioritises your interests

As an experienced and qualified specialist, your Private Banker works with you from the outset to ensure your wealth needs are always met in the most efficient way.

Your Private Banker gains and maintains an understanding of your balance sheet and wealth needs and objectives. Wherever necessary, your Private Banker draws on the skills of our experienced team of specialists, ensuring ongoing, superior private banking and advice-led wealth management.


What we offer

Specialised wealth management

Our business is about innovation and expertise and it is built on relationships with clients over a lifetime and beyond. We believe that solid relationships and consistent dedicated service - underpinned by expert wealth investment advice - are the ingredients that enable us to best service your various financial needs effectively.

Combining our insight, experience and resources, we develop smart solutions that enable you to better manage, grow, protect and enjoy your wealth.


Team of experts

Enjoy our specialist and dedicated approach

Together with your Private Banker, our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists invest their time in developing a legacy-building financial strategy that integrates all your financial affairs.

A smart consolidated wealth plan that works hard to deliver the results you want, both now and in the future. Our recommendations are built on the 3 pillars - wealth accumulation, preservation and predetermined outcome based investing. We regard every moment spent developing considered insights and objective advice as time well spent.


Services 24/7

Bank anywhere - any time

Secure, simple, cost effective and convenient, you can bank anywhere, anytime, with our FNB Banking App, FNB Online Banking or Cellphone Banking

The following services are available

  • Payments and transfers
  • Statements and transaction histories
  • Card, app and online limit maintenance
  • Cancelling lost or stolen cards and ordering new cards
  • Prepaid purchases (including electricity and data)
  • eWallet and Pay 2 Cell

Simple account management

It's easy, secure + subscription is FREE

Manage your accounts on the go, wherever, whenever you want with Online Banking. Download the FNB Banking App for free and do all your banking the way you've been doing it online and on your cellphone and more.

Applying made easy

Wealth advice

Qualifying criteria

  1. Earn an income of N$1.5m per annum or have a net asset value of N$15m or more
  2. Be 18 years or older

How to get it

Get in touch

Other ways to apply

Complete the call me back form

Find a branch

Documents needed

  • Namibian ID
  • Permanent residence/passport with valid work permit (non-Namibian resident)
  • Proof of income