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How it works

Future Use example

If the purchase price of your home is N$800 000 and you register a bond of N$1 000 000, the additional N$200 000 is your Future Use amount.

Payout amount Future Use amount
N$800 000 N$200 000

What it costs

  • Your monthly repayments will be calculated on the total loan amount and will be recalculated with each subsequent Future Use pay out.
  • A Future Use Draw Down fee will be applicable.
  • Your Home Loan may be repriced, and your interest rate may be affected.
  • Your Monthly Service fee will be adjusted in line with the current fees in terms of the Usury Act.
  • Refer to our Annual Pricing Guide for specific fees


What amount do I qualify for?

Depending on an individual's application; there is no limit to the amount you may qualify for.

Can I apply for Future Use even though I have a normal Home Loan?

Yes, you can hence this offer.

Do I need a new valuation on my property?

FNB Home Loans will conduct a new valuation on the property only if the last valuation is more than six months old.

When can I apply for the Future Use amount?

When you require access to the Future Use amount you will have to apply for Future Use Withdrawal, with each application being subject to the bank's credit approval policy. The amount approved will be dependent on the value in your home coupled with your ability to afford the higher monthly repayments.

As a new customer, do I have to repay on the registered home loan amount?

No, your repayments will be calculated on the payout amount and not the registered bond amount.

Pre-paid finance

  • To apply for this option you need to have an FNB home loan of at least N$100 000
  • Unlike the Flexi Bond option, you don't need to have an FNB current account
  • Your home loan must be linked to the variable interest rate


  • You've had a home loan for at least 24 months
  • You've been meeting all your repayment responsibilities on a monthly basis


  • You can only apply for the FlexiBond facility if your transactional account is with FNB
  • This option is not available for use over a vacant stand
  • You can't use this option while you are building a house, but you may however apply for a FlexiBond once the final inspection has been completed and the last payment to the builder has been finalised
  • For Close Corporations or Companies; these must all be property-holding entities only and one person must be nominated to operate the FlexiBond on behalf of the other members or directors, linked to a bank account in the personal name of the nominated member or director
  • The FlexiBond is only permitted on bonds with the variable interest rate facility

Future use

  • Individuals must have a joint income of N$30,000 or have an existing bond of N$ 1 million or more
  • Have a clear and favourable credit record
  • Must be 21 years or older
  • The term of the loan must expire before age 75
  • Have legal capacity to contract
  • Be able to meet affordability criteria
  • Be a Namibian Citizen

Accessing funds

Additional finance to help you

Require more finance or access to cash? When the need arises for renovations, further properties or a big expense, these options can offer the funds you require.

Prepaid finance

Convenience and cash when you need it!

With Pre-Paid Finance you can withdraw any additional money that you have paid into your home loan account.

With the pre-paid finance option you can:

  • Transfer any prepayments and extra payments you have made
  • Easy access to extra cash
  • You can manually withdraw any prepayments and extra payments
  • You can make as many withdrawals as required
  • The low interest rate makes it the ideal facility for financing other
  • The minimum amount that can be withdrawn out of your home loan
  • Statements are available at your branch


Its all about convenience

Re-Advance is a convenient loan facility. All you need is a home loan you've had for at least two years and met all your monthly payments!

The Re-Advance facility provides an alternative if you do not qualify for a FlexiBond or Prepaid Finance. Please note that if you fail to keep up with your monthly home loan repayments, this option could be cancelled.

With the Re-Advance option you get a loan without registering for an additional bond; quick access to cash when you need it (such as for holidays or renovations) and when you withdraw funds, the monthly repayment is automatically adjusted.


Get access to your surplus funds

The FNB FlexiBond is a financial management facility on your home loan that gives you easy access to your surplus funds - 24 hours a day!

With a Flexibond you can

  • Transfer any additional payments you have made out of you home loan to your transactional account
  • Transfer Capital you have already repaid - up to a predetermined limit out of you home loan to your transactional account
  • Access your funds via the ATM or Online Banking if you have an FNB bank account
  • Deposit extra funds into your home loan and save on interes
  • Make as many transfers as required daily/monthly
  • Withdraw funds as often as you like - depending on the available balance in your account
  • The low interest rate makes it the ideal facility for financing other costs
  • When you withdraw funds, the monthly repayment is automatically adjusted
  • The minimum amount that you can transfer out of your home loan is N$1 000
  • Statements are available through Online Banking or the Branch

Future Use

Create surplus cash, to use later

Future Use enables you to register a bond greater than the home loan amount you require, creating a surplus amount that you can access at a later stage

Future Use takes into consideration the hectic pace of life today and the fact that your needs change from one moment to the next. By planning ahead, you can use the available value in your home to your best advantage.

  • You only pay legal fees on the registered bond amount once and, as a result, save money in the future - but for this special offer we will cover your legal fees
  • You save time with a once off home loan registration allowing greater flexibility with future access to additional cash.
  • Monthly repayments are based on the funds that have been paid and not on the registered bond amount, making it more affordable.
  • You have long term security and accessibility to your funds.
  • If your property has increased in value, you may apply to use the additional finance on anything you choose, from home improvements to holidays abroad.
  • If your home has not yet increased in value, the Future Use amount can only be used for home improvements that will build additional value in your home.
  • You have to apply for access, with each application being subject to the bank's normal credit criteria.
  • If you are completing a new home loan application for Further Loan application, you will be given the opportunity to apply for the Future Use option.

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