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Travellers Cheques

Plan your travels with ease

Our Visa Travellers Cheques are welcomed throughout the world as a means of payment, and we offer them in an extensive range of currencies and denominations.

What's hot

Organise payments + plan your trip abroad easily

Accepted globally

Welcomed throughout the world as a means of payment.

Your choice

A wide range of denominations is available.

Safer option

Travellers cheques are safer than cash - if lost or stolen travellers cheques can be replaced.

Available currencies

Available in British Sterling, United States Dollar, Euro and Australian Dollar.

For all travellers

Anyone travelling out of the country can buy travellers cheques.

Safeguarding tips


Sign your cheques

Sign each cheque to protect yourself in case of loss or theft.

Secure your serial numbers

Keep the serial numbers separate from the cheques.

Getting it made easy

Travellers Cheques

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