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Foreign Notes

Use it anywhere, anytime

Cash in the currency of the country you are travelling to for taxis, tips and a coffee at the airport.

What's hot

Cash for convenience

Accepted globally

Bank notes, particularly US dollars, are accepted in most countries around the world.

Peace of mind

When visiting a foreign country for the first time, you might not be able to access banks, credit card machines or ATMs for a while (e.g. in rural or secluded areas).

Cash-only countries

In some countries, the locals only accept cash as payment.

Avoid steep banking fees

Overseas banking-related fees might be high, and it helps to purchase small things with notes and coins instead.

How it works

Visit a branch

You can buy foreign notes at your nearest FNB branch.

Order 24 hours before

You should order your foreign notes at least 24 hours in advance.

Buying + selling rates

Due to the cost involved in handling cash, foreign notes are not sold or repurchased at the same rate as other foreign transactions.

Getting it made easy

Foreign Notes

Qualifying criteria

Anyone travelling abroad can benefit from having some foreign currency available.

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