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What this is

Cover your input costs

Whether you are a farmer just starting out or an established farmer, this loan can be used to help grow your business.

An Agri Medium-Term Loan can be used for the establishment of production capacity, such as the purchase of livestock, establishing orchards and farm buildings, and other projects that take time to generate an income.

The interest rates are linked to the prime rate.


How I can use this

  • Choose the repayment option that best suits your business requirements
  • Both capital outlay and initial production costs can be financed
  • Reduce debit interest - no penalties charged paid on early repayments
  • Access additional funds as draw-downs will be allowed on prepaid deposits made to loan accounts
  • The size of the loan is unlimited, based on an affordability check, the cost of each project and initial production costs

Choose your loan

Get the flexibility you need

FNB De-bushing Loan

  • FNB Agri is proud to introduce the first De-bushing Loan in Namibia
  • This 10-year loan gives you a capital payment holiday for 3 years
  • Start paying back the interest and capital over the remaining 7- year term

FNB Stud Financing Loan

  • FNB Agri is proud to introduce the Animal Stud Financing Loan
  • This 60-month loan presents an investment opportunity
  • Enables you to buy stud animals and enhance your herd to be of top quality

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Agri Medium-Term Loan

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