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Specialised trade services

Innovative cross-border trade solutions

Specialised Trade Services are innovative cross-border trade solutions, specialised products and services that we provide for importers, exporters and international traders.

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Convenience + peace of mind

We provide solutions and services associated with letters of credit, trade finance, pre-and post-shipment finance plus training and consultancy services.


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Transferable letters of credit

In terms of the first beneficiary's requirements we transfer - in whole or in part - to one or more second beneficiaries.

Trade finance

We provide trade finance to facilitate international trade, based on the various risk factors and collateral available.

Pre-shipment finance

We arrange finance for the purchase of finished goods or raw material.

Post-shipment finance

Recourse and non-recourse export financing and discounting of payment undertakings.

Trade consultancy services + training

We can arrange to provide assistance and training in various areas of international trade.

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Specialised trade services

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