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Reception: Tel 061 299 8233
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Walvis Bay Branch
Reception: Tel 064 213 800
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Oshakati Branch
Reception: Tel 067 304 434
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Online Banking

Online Banking offers the following banking services:

  • Transfer funds real-time between your FNB accounts
  • Make real-time payments to FNB account holders
  • Payments made during business hours to recipients holding accounts at other banks reflect in the account the next day
  • Create recurring payments to automatically pay your recipients
  • Make cross-border payments
  • Future date payments to up to one year in advance
  • Submit requests to stop cheques
  • Set up and maintain your recipients
  • Send a payment advice to any email address
  • Reference validation
  • View the real-time balances of all your FNB accounts
  • View up to 65 days of transaction history on certain accounts
  • View any uncleared funds and interest earned on certain accounts
  • Manage your investment accounts
  • Set up statements delivery online
  • You can view and download transaction history real-time

Cellphone Banking

Cellphone Banking enables you to conveniently perform a number of banking transactions using your cellphone. Use your cellphone is more that just a phone as a device to do safe, easy and convenient mobile banking.

  • It's as simple as dialling *120*321#
  • Any cellphone make or model can be used
  • No special SIM card requirements
  • No complicated downloads
  • No changes to your cellphone settings
  • 24-hour banking convenience - you can bank wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Transactions occur real time
  • Registration is quick and free
  • Zero subscription fees


This innovative messaging system sends you a message each time a transaction is carried out on any of your FNB accounts at no extra charge.

  • You can keep track of your financial transactions as they occur
  • Identify any unauthorised transactions on your accounts
  • Receive notification each time your Online Banking account is logged into
  • Helps you to manage the funds in your accounts

Flexible - you can choose:

  • When to receive your messages - during office hours or 24 hours a day
  • To be notified if any transactions exceed an amount specified by you
  • How to receive notifications - via SMS, email or both
  • Which accounts you want to link to inContact

Email statements

Online Banking now offers you the ability to have your statements emailed directly to you - just think of the convenience!

  • You save money - statement delivery by email is free of charge.
  • No delays in the post - your email delivery is punctual and reliable.
  • You can have your statements delivered to a primary email address, plus two additional email addresses of your choice.
  • You can specify in which format you'd prefer your statements delivered - in plain text (CSV), as a PDF document or both (account dependent).


Business banking has never been easier

The BusinessWise account has been designed for business customers who require an easy to understand, basic transactional banking account.

What's hot

Basic business banking

Cheaper rates

Pay suppliers easily and at a cheaper rate (compared to cash) with your Visa Electron Debit Card.

Build a credit record

Build up a good credit record with the bank to support future borrowing.


A safer way to pay with your Business Visa Electron Debit card as you don't need to carry cash with you.

Low fees

A fully transactional account with basic services available at low cost.

Easy to open

An easier way to open an account compared to the Business Cheque Account as no ITC check is required.

What you get

More choice

Different transactional channels to allow you to decide which transactional medium would best suit your needs.

Easy deposits

Make deposits at any FNB Branch or designated FNB ATMs.

Balances on the go

No need to visit the bank to enquire about the balance in your account.

Transmission account

The account is a debit card-based 'transmission' account with no chequebook or credit facilities.

Low fees

Low minimum monthly fees and low ATM withdrawal fees.

Zero cash deposit fee

Applicable for deposits up to N$10 000 per month.

Getting it made easy


Qualifying criteria

FNB Qualifying account

How to get it

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