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Business Savings Pocket

Business pocket save Current rates
0 - 4 999 2.06%
5 000 - 9 999 2.78%
10 000 - 19 999 2.88%
20 000 - 24 999 3.35%
25 000 - 49 999 3.35%
50 000 - 99 999 3.77%
100 000 + 4.00%

Commercial Card

The Commercial Card offers convenience and is a useful way of paying for, monitoring and controlling vehicle running costs.

Each card is issued to a vehicle and can be used to pay for expenses such as fuel, oil, repairs, maintenance, batteries and more without the need to carry cash.



The FNB fleet management system is able to validate and authorise fleet transactions online. Fraud is mitigated by validating the vehicle registration number, card status, pin number and tank size of transactions.
inContact notifcations for all approved or declined transactions are send to your cellphone or email within minutes of processing

Exception reporting

Exception reports enable you to identify exceptions and problem areas in your fleet. You can also determine your own parameters within which you can measure your vehicles' activities and costs.


The Commercial card offers you the flexibility to use it as a pre- or post paid fleet management tool. For the prepaid option no audited financial statements or credit approvals are required, you simply deposit funds into the card to enable you to transact. The post-paid option lightens the pressure on your cash flow by allowing you to pay 14 days after you have been invoiced.


You can control your fuel and repairs expenses by tracking fuel and maintenance costs. For increased control on spending you can also preset limits for each card.

Manage your fuel budget

To enable you to manage your fuel budget we will send you the available balances on your account every time you transact with your Commercial Card.

Broad acceptance

You don't have to worry about giving drivers cash to refuel in Botswana, South Africa or any other Southern African country, because the Commercial Card is the first fleet card that is accepted in all SADC countries.


Post-paid: N$63 per card per month 0.36% of the facility limit
Prepaid: N$63 per card per month

Business Credit Card

FNB Credit Card offers our customers safe and convenient banking and access to immediate finance, which automatically includes a variety of value-added benefits.

  • Guaranteed payments
  • Worldwide acceptance, credibility and authorisation
  • Sensible limit management
  • A complete and comprehensive credit card management process
  • Various purchasing methods
  • Free email statements
  • Lost Card Protection
  • New and replacement credit cards
  • inContact messaging (SMS notifcations)
  • Free global travel insurance credit limits

You may specify the required limits for these cards, and the credit approval will be incorporated into a credit facility. A monthly credit limit fee of N$0.37% is charged on the current approved facility of N$5,000.00, equalling N$18.50.

Pricing 2019/2020
Monthly account fees N$40.00

Business Silver Card 0.37%

Credit limit fee
Payments and purchases
Credit Card purchases *free
*International currency conversion fee 2.75% of value

Stay in control of your business finances

You may have noticed that your transactional banking fees differ from month to month, which makes your fees unpredictable and difficult to manage and budget for.

The Single Fee Pricing Option is the peace of mind you need - a fixed monthly fee which includes a bundle of transactions to suit your everyday banking needs.

This option which ensures that you pay the same fee every month, affording you a level of certainty in your banking fees, structured in the following way:

Transaction Single Fee Pricing Option 1(SFPO1) Single Fee Pricing Option 1 (SFPO1)
Electronic transactions (incl. debit orders, electronic payments, transfers, etc.) First 15 transactions free First 30 transactions free
Free ATM withdrawals First 3 ATM withdrawals free First 8 ATM withdrawals free
ATM deposits Free Deposits up to N$10,000 Free Deposits up to N$25,000
VISA Debit Card purchase Included in electronic transactions Included in electronic transactions
Prepaid purchases (Online Banking, Cellphone and FNB App) Unlimited free purchases Unlimited free purchases
Out of Bundle fees (electronic debits, debit card purchases and withdrawals) Pay As You Use rates applicable Pay As You Use rates applicable

Available for: Platinum, Enterprise, Agri. All types of business with a turnover from N$1 million and more.

Price on request.

Enterprise Business Account

Grow + flourish

Available for businesses with an annual turnover of N$10 million and above.

  • More than just a business account

  • You get an Enterprise Business Debit Card
  • Dedicated relationship manager to help manage your portfolio
  • Niche lending options

Day-to-day transacting

Transacting has never
been easier

FNB Business Visa Debit Card

Purchase goods and services locally and internationally

Issue restricted functionality debit cards

Empower your staff by issuing them with a limited-function debit card with restricted functionality to protect your business information and funds.

Issue full-functionality debit cards

Full-function cards can be issued and linked to the business's accounts allowing the card holder to withdraw cash, perform transfers between accounts, and more.

Transact electronically

You can easily make once-off and recurring transfers and payments as well as debit and stop orders using Online Banking for Business.

Business cards

Safe, convenient banking & fleet management control


Business Credit Card

The FNB Business Credit Card offers our customers safe and convenient banking and access to immediate finance.

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Commercial Card

Convenient, useful & accepted throughout the continent.

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Business Overdraft

Don't be caught short
on cash


The Business Overdraft facility is linked to your Business
Account and provides the ability to make payments even
when there are no cash funds available in your account,
thus avoiding penalty fees and additional charges.

You only pay for your overdraft when you use it and there is
no minimum monthly payment as long as you remain within
the agreed limits.


What you get


Keep track of your business transactions electronically with email statements, delivered to your inbox for FREE.

Integrated merchant services solutions

A one-stop integrated payment solution so you can route your transactions directly to FNB.

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Create a secure password with Online Secure for FREE to ensure that online transactions on third-party websites are secure.

Single Fee Pricing Option

A fixed monthly fee which includes a bundle of transactions to suit your banking needs.

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Switching made easy

We will help you switch your recipients

Commercial Property finance

We will assist your business find the property finance solution to suit your needs.

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Applying made easy

Enterprise Business Account

Qualifying criteria

Only available to businesses with an annual turnover of N$10 million and above

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