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What is the Financial Intelligence Act (FIA)?:

The Namibian Financial Intelligence Act, No 13 of 2012 (FIA) aims to combat money laundering in Namibia and therefore requires all financial institutions to know you as customer, referred to as Know Your Customer (KYC).

Know your Customer (KYC):

First National Bank of Namibia requires by law that you provide the bank with certain information and documentation which must be kept on record and updated on an ongoing basis

Impact to FNB customers:

The bank is prohibited by FIA from dealing with any unidentified or unverified clients which can result in transactions on your account not being processed. All non-compliant customers will therefore be notified to submit the required outstanding documents to their nearest FNB branch by 30 November 2016.
ONLY customers, whose documentation requires updating, will be contacted.
Should you require more information please call on your nearest FNB branch.

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