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Forex rates, product rates, unit trust prices - you'll find them all here. All savings and investments interest rates are quoted per annum.

Foreign Exchange Rates
Forex Rates
Cheque Accounts
Platinum Cheque open
Gold Account open
Credit Cards
Platinum credit card open
Corporate Current Account open
First and Silver and Gold open
Credit Card Interest Rates open
Investment Accounts
32-Day Interest Plus open
3month Flexi Fixed open
Snr Citizen Fixed Deposit open
7 Day Notice Deposit open
Call Account open
Effective Rate Fixed Deposit open
Fixed Deposit open
Flexi Fixed Deposit open
Notice Deposit open
Snr Citizen Eff Fixed Deposit open
Lending Rates
Prime and Existing Home Loan open
Savings Account
Card Based open
Future Save and Future Forward open
First Save open
Book Based open
Smart Account open
Transmission Accounts
Life Start open
Card Wise open