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The FNB FlexiBond is a financial management facility on your home loan that gives you easy access to your surplus funds - 24 hours a day!


The FNB FlexiBond is a financial management facility on your home loan that gives you easy access to your surplus funds - 24 hours a day!

Why FNB?


This innovative messaging system allows you to keep in touch with your account balances and transactions, helping you manage your money and prevent fraud on your account.

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Online Banking

FNB Online Banking offers you Internet-based, electronic banking that's easy to use, quick, secure and available 24/7.

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Cellphone Banking

Cellphone Banking enables you to conveniently perform a number of banking transactions via your cellphone.

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eMail Statements

Have your statements sent to you via email, saving you paperwork and contributing to a greener environment.

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More about: FlexiBond

Why do I need this?

You can:

  • Transfer any additional payments you have made out of you home loan to your transactional account
  • Transfer Capital you have already repaid - up to a predetermined limit out of you home loan to your transactional account
  • Access your funds via the ATM or Online Banking if you have an FNB bank account
  • Deposit extra funds into your home loan and save on interest
  • Make as many transfers as required daily/monthly

What can I do with this?

  • You can access funds via the Internet if your bank account is with FNB and you are registered with FNB Online Banking
  • Withdraw funds as often as you like - depending on the available balance in your account
  • The low interest rate makes it the ideal facility for financing other costs
  • When you withdraw funds, the monthly repayment is automatically adjusted
  • The minimum amount that you can transfer out of your home loan is N$1,000
  • Statements are available through Online Banking or the Branch

Do I qualify?

  • You can only apply for the FlexiBond facility if your transactional account is with FNB
  • This option is not available for use over a vacant stand
  • You can't use this option while you are building a house, but you may however apply for a FlexiBond once the final inspection has been completed and the last payment to the builder has been finalised
  • For Close Corporations or Companies; these must all be property-holding entities only and one person must be nominated to operate the FlexiBond on behalf of the other members or directors, linked to a bank account in the personal name of the nominated member or director
  • The FlexiBond is only permitted on bonds with the variable interest rate facility

Can I apply for a further loan whilst having the FlexiBond facility?

Yes, but the facility will be withdrawn until the bond is registered; thereafter a new application must be submitted.

If I pay my instalment in cash or via a salary deduction, can I have a FlexiBond?

No, but you can apply for a Re-advance through our Home Loans New Business Department or at any FNB Branch.

Why do I need to pay by debit order?

Should you make a withdrawal, your monthly repayments are automatically and conveniently adjusted thus ensuring the correct repayments are made each month.

How would I know what my new instalment is when a withdrawal is made?

A revised repayment letter will be generated and posted to you.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts that I can draw from this facility?

The minimum amount is N$1,000 up to a pre-determined FlexiBond limit, which will be communicated to you when you apply for the facility.

What notice period must I give to the bank in order to cancel the FlexiBond?

No notice period is required. Cancellation of this option is immediate. Notification to the bank must be in writing.

Will my interest rate be affected if I apply for this facility?

No, your variable interest rate discount remains the same.

I want it!

Visit us at any FNB Branch located countrywide.

Under what circumstances can the facility be withdrawn?

If the account falls into arrears; the bond is under cancellation; you are declared insolvent or there is legal action against you linked to the bonded property.

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